Our Fish

For over 20 years, we’ve been working with the import, export and distribution of fish and shellfish throughout Brasil.

Our own brand INAK, with products such as Crab Sticks, Whiting, CAÇÃO, Mapara and Shrimp is a leader in supermarkets and distributors that supply the restaurant and foodservice sectors.  

As a result of the company’s credibility within the market, we now have an extensive line of nationals from both North (Amazonas) and the South (SC and RS).

Our targets are the frozen product distributors and medium and small supermarket chains. Today we have clients across the four corners of Brazil, from Pará to Rio Grande do Sul, from Bahia to Rondônia.

In all of our actions, we maintain our business ethics with our customers, suppliers, partners and employees. Growing is our  goal, maintaining seriousness is our condition.

Brands and Ecil Partners

INAK (Ecil’s Brand)

With more than 20 years in the frozen fish business, Ecil exclusively markets INAK brand products, which brings the highest quality to our customers, being one of the sales leaders in crab sticks and muslitos (crab legs imitation). 

In addition to the success of the processed fish line, we are also leaders in the commercialization of packed fish (frozen) with the INAK brand, offering our client a great variety of products, delivering them within the strictest quality standards. 

Quatro Mares

Founded in 2011, Quatro Mares fish is based in Itajaí, Santa Catarina and focuses on the optimization of control processes in the quality of fish. This differential has positioned them, in a short period of time, as one of the main fish companies in the country.

Its structure was developed based on a careful and detailed study for the best handling, industrialization and conservation of the products that are received, inspected, selected and sanitized under strict coordination, supervision and orientation of  a specialized technical team. 

The partnership with Quatro Mares makes us exclusive distributors of their packed fish segment for the state of São Paulo, bringing to our clients a great product with an excellent cost benefit.