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High technology in personalized packaging for agribusiness and fragile & delicate products – we create packaging that guarantees the quality and presentation of your product. 

Ecil has a solid network of relationships in Brazil and abroad, allowing us to represent companies in Brazil, expanding their markets and enabling businesses and delivering solutions to their customers. We have been representing Mpact Limited (formerly Mondi Packaging) in Brazil for over 30 years, a traditional supplier of packaging for fresh fruit.

We supply cardboard packaging for the export of fruits such as orange, banana, mango, melon, grape, watermelon, apple, papaya, avocado and lemon, among others.


We have been selling high quality tomato pulp and concentrated fruit pulp for over 20 years, capable of meeting the highest standards of the food industry.

Sugal, a company founded over 60 years ago, is among the 3 largest tomato pulp producers in the world. With plants in 3 countries, Sugal is able to produce tomato pulp two crops a year as it has factories in Europe and South America.

To ensure excellence in customer service, Sugal entered into a partnership with Ecil in Brazil to serve the entire national market.

Due to proximity, transport logistics and bilateral agreement, the 2 SUGAL / Chile factories are ideal for supplying pulp to the Brazilian market. In addition, Chile has excellent conditions of climate stability due to its natural isolation that protects it from pests and diseases.

The satisfaction of your customer and end consumer is part of Sugal’s mission.


We have been supplying cardboard boxes for fruit export in Brazil for 30 years.

Mpact Corrugated boxes have great technology in their development, guarantee safety in the international transport of fruit and enhance your brand with high quality printing while maintaining competitiveness.


First quality product, manufactured under strict food safety rules.

Baby food grade options also available.

– Peach pulp

– Apple pulp

– Pear pulp

– Strawberry pulp

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