We have new products for swine care!

Jeluvet® Sec is the result of the development of a product with German technology together with Ecil’s technical team in Brazil. A product without additives and of 100% renewable origin.

Jeluvet® Sec is plant based, used to dry piglets at birth. Allows the surface of the animal’s skin to dry, preventing greater chances of contracting an infection or having contact with harmful bacteria.

With high drying power, Jeluvet® Sec is able to absorb liquids quickly to neutralize and prevent the animal from getting cold. Jeluvet® Sec does not contain silica and has the advantage of not causing skin irritation due to its softness.

Composition: 100% plant fiber Lignocellulose

Indication of use: Used for absorption of liquids.

How to use: Apply directly on the piglet’s skin, covering it with the product in sufficient quantity so that the signs of moisture disappear.

Storage conditions: Keep in a dry place.