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Food Ingredients

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About Ecil

Our mission is to bring the best business solutions to companies, so that they achieve more sustainable, profitable and productive results.

This mission is achieved through four essential values: honesty, quality, hard work and intelligence.

These are the foundations of our value proposition and our commitment to you.

Our activities are focused towards commerce and services in the area of food, such as food ingredients, fish and animal nutrition.

Besides the high quality level of our products, we stand out because of our innovative ways, our responsibility and commitment to each client.


Since 1949 we have carried out a strong commercial exchange between Brazil and several countries, which has made us a strong and diversified company, always working expressively in international trade.

At first, we used to work with the textile area (yarns and fabrics) and, as time went by, we diversified our field of work. Nowadays, through the variety of products offered and services provided to customers and suppliers, we work with the food industry.

Global Operations

Recognized abroad, Ecil always keeps up with the fast changes in the global scenario, joining annually important international events such as: Anuga, Sial, Interpack, Seafood, Alimentaria, Fruit Logistica and others.

All the experience gained over more than 70 years in the import and export market provides know-how, speed and flexibility in the solutions offered to clients.


To this day, Ecil maintains the premises that have ensured its success: focus on customer success through personalized service and a relationship of trust with each of its customers and suppliers.

By bringing customers and suppliers closer, Ecil delivers real benefits to people and companies, always aligned with its vision and mission of offering excellence and proactivity in all its services.


Provide business solutions to companies, seeking customer loyalty and the motivation of our team.


Reach 100 years of company, offering excellence in all services provided and establishing in our team the willingness to do and offer always more and more.

Our Values

– Eye to eye. We don’t do anything we can be ashamed of and are proud to believe that honesty, hard work and intelligence, combined, makes us a top company.

– Respect the experience of those who contributed for us to be where we are today.

– Encourage new talents to grow, both personally and professionally.

– Sustainability is the key to the future. Nothing that harms nature, people or the future shall be a source of income for our business.