Social Responsibility Politicy

ECIL is a company that carries out a solid commercial exchange between Brazil and several countries in the world, acting significantly in international trade and has its activities focused primarily for trade and services in the food sector, including ingredients, packaging and other areas of expertise.

ECIL believes that its activities deliver tangible benefits to people and companies,

defining its values, guides its conduct, committing itself to:

  • Promote ethical behavior based on the values ​​of honesty, transparency and

integrity, demonstrating a permanent concern for the economy, people and the


  • Implement operational practices aimed at preventing corruption in all its

forms and adopt, in internal and external communication, forms of open and constructive dialogue, with transparency and respect for the truth;

  • Comply with current, labor and tax laws, rules, regulations, our customers, internal procedures and good practices, national and international, applicable in all company activities and locations where it operates
  • Do not allow child, forced or slave-like labor to be carried out in all the company’s activities and places where it operates
  • Promote, encourage and offer conditions for the development of employees, aiming expand your skills for professional and personal growth
  • Valuing and respecting the diversity of cultures and prohibiting discriminatory attitudes by race, gender, sexual orientation, physical condition, religion, age group, social class, political conviction, nationality, etc.
  • Prohibit moral and sexual harassment practices in work relationships that compromise the integrity of our employees
  • Ensure a harmonious interaction with the environment, minimizing impacts resulting from its activities, promoting the rational use of resources natural resources and the prevention of pollution.

ECIL is committed to adopting the best practices that promote the integration of the principles and fundamental themes of corporate social responsibility in the ethical, social, environmental and economy, throughout its value chain, activities and locations.